Under Floor Cable Mat for Living Areas 150W/SQM


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This kit includes:

  • Instructions for DIY and electricians
  • Cable mat in size ordered (10 YEAR WARRANTY)
  • QTS8100-TH-V-WHITE thermostat control
  • Heat probe to send temperature message to thermostat
  • Cable tester (DIY and tiler use this to monitor cables during tiling)
  • 500mm wider Under Tile Cable Mat with self adhesive backing
  • Cloth duct tape
  • Under tile floor heating DIY instructions

NOTE: this product can by DIY installed but must be commissioned (connected) by a licenced electrical contractor and connected to a thermostat and an RCD to comply with current AS/NZS 3000 wiring regulations.

  • 10 year warranty on cable
  • 2 year warranty on thermostat
  • Cable cannot be cut

Our HEATING KITS are of the highest quality, the cables we use are of the latest European design, with international and AUSTRALIAN APPROVALS. We back this up with a incredible 10 year warranty on the cable and the thermostat comes with 3 year warranty (most only give 12mths), which gives you peace of mind.

When choosing a kit it is important to remember the mat should cover approx. 85 – 100% of the floor, which excludes under the vanity, toilet etc. This product is safe in wet area’s maybe used in the shower. Please note if your shower has a raised hob separating it from the bathroom, you will need a second mat for this area. Undertile floor kits can also be used in Lounge rooms, Kitchens, Dining, Bathrooms, Ensuites and Outdoor tiled areas.


Underfloor Heating Cable Mat – is a easy fit stitched on self-adhesive mesh. The cable incorporates twin heating core and a full earth screen for total protection and comes with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY. The advantage of this system is the cables are simply tiled over making it both perfect for renovations and new homes, also provided are full instructions for installation with illustrations to assist the DIY and tradesman.

Digital Thermostat – fully programmable with built in timer. The unit comes with installation instructions, user guide and a 3 YEAR WARRANTY. This sophisticated but simple to use thermostat with a built in 7 day 24 hr timer has two temperature settings, one for main occupied periods and one for unoccupied periods, allowing you to choose both the comfort and minimum temperature of the room at night or when not in use.

Floor Sensor – which sits between your cables and is wired to your thermostat – senses the temperature of the floor, sends a signal back to the thermostat indicating the temperature.

Cable Tester – we recommend you use during every DIY installation step for total piece of mind. The tester comes with operating instructions and designed to warn in the event of damaged cable.

Instructions for DIY and Electricians.

Free delivery within Australia – 5/7 working days after payment received

Installation requires a trade qualified electrician to fit the thermostat and wire the circuitry to the power board.

The floor heating is economical due to the way that it works, heating from the floor upwards, the same comfort conditions as other heating methods can be achieved at a slightly lower overall room temperature. This, combined with the energy saving thermostat, which delivers just enough power to maintain your desired temperature, can result in significant energy savings with running costs in the average bathroom would be no more than a few cents per day.

The best form of heating for allergy sufferers, under floor heating is a great alternative to other forms of room heating, which circulate air and dust to achieve temperatures, whereas, underfloor heating rises and kills dust mites, without causing irritants to fly around your room.


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0.5 x 12.0m – covers 6sqm, 0.5 x 14.0m – covers 7sqm, 0.5 x 16.0m – covers 8sqm, 0.5 x 18.0m – covers 9sqm, 0.5 x 20.0m – covers 10sqm, 0.5 x 22.0m – covers 11sqm, 0.5 x 24.0m – covers 12sqm, 2.0 x 7.0m – covers 14sqm, 6sqm + 7sqm – covers 13sqm