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    Mirror Demisters

    There is a simple solution to those misted up mirrors in your bathroom!

    Simple to install with this mirror demister you no longer have to wait for the mist to clear before shaving, drying your hair, or putting on your makeup.

    Running costs are negligible – based on one hours use per day, an average demister will cost just a few cents a week to run – a small price to pay for permanent mist free mirrors!

    Installation is simple, the backing paper is simply removed & the self-adhesive demister pad is fixed to the back of the mirror. Your electrician then connects it to the lighting circuit or separate switch.

    How do Mirror Demisters work?

    When hot moist air makes contact with a cold surface (like a mirror), condensation forms immediately on that surface. The demister works by simply raising the surface temperature of the mirror sufficiently so that condensation doesn’t form in the area that has been heated (typically increasing the surface temperature by 15-20 degrees C). The mirror will feel warm to the touch, but the increased temperature will cause no issue with the glass.

    It usually only takes a couple of minutes for the demister to warm the mirror surface. By simply turning on the demister before taking a bath or shower, the mirror will remain mist free

    Are Mirror Demisters easy to install?

    Mirror Demisters are very simple to install. They have a self-adhesive coating which simply sticks to the back of the mirror. Your electrician needs to make the connection to a switch and the mirror can then be hung or fixed to the wall in the usual way.

    How do I choose the best size for my mirror?

    You need to select a demister size that is smaller than the mirror. For most people, demisting the main central area of the mirror is more than sufficient. For example, if your mirror is 1200mm wide x 800mm tall, the model RDM7040 at 1024mm x 524mm is ideal.

    For very large mirrors, you can use two or more demister pads – in most cases, this is not necessary.