In-Slab Floor Heating

In-slab floor heating is the most popular choice for new homes and extensions where a new slab is being poured.

In-slab heating is usually the cheapest option and consists of a heavy-duty cbable which is fixed to the reinforcing mesh just before the slab is poured.

This system  is perfect as a main heating system for new homes as you can have almost any floor covering including tiles, carpet, wood – you can even just polish the floor for the modern look. This system is often connected to an off peak meter to take advantage of the cheaper electicity tariffs. It can also be zoned for each room/area to suit your lifestyle, so you can heat different areas at different times and to varying temperatures.

Installation is very simple and takes place as soon as the reinforcing mesh is positioned (usually the day before the concrete is poured)

In Slab Floor Heating Advantages:

  • Low cost – In slab is usually the cheapest type of underfloor heating to install. Suitable for most floor coverings – the concrete heats evenly so the system can be used for polished concrete, all kinds of stone and tiles, carpet and even many direct stick wood floors.
  • Zoned to suit your home – Can be installed in any room and zoned independently, but typical installation is in the main open plan living area   (kitchen/family/dining) plus lounge and media etc.
  • Off peak or peak power – Where off peak or smart meters are available the system can be connected to reduced rate night time electricity. When the under floor heating is operated overnight with off-peak power it is possible to keep your home warm 24/7 throughout the winter at a reasonable cost.
in slab floor heating