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    Queensland Floor Heating

    Queensland Floor Heating are an Australian owned and managed company. We supply an unrivaled range of high quality electric underfloor heating products throughout Australia.

    We offer a free quote and design service and can supply systems fully as DIY kits to people with their own electrical contractor.

    Floor Heating is an efficient and luxurious way to heat your bathroom or home, with applications that suit all types of floors and areas. The source of your heating comfort is invisible apart from a 24/7 Thermostat that can also be hidden if required.

    Regardless the size of your project, we will provide you our best service, from choosing and designing the correct floor heating system through to planning the installation.

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    Today’s floor heating systems are fully controllable, they can be independently zoned to individual rooms and they are extremely reliable.

    Modern under floor heating provides many advantages over traditional convection based systems and reverse cycle air conditioning.

    Where large surfaces such as the floor exist, it is possible to achieve ideal comfort conditions with a slightly lower ambient air temperature, resulting in more comfortable conditions, greatly reduced dust circulation and lower energy usage.

    These advantages are even greater in rooms where traditionally cold floor surfaces such as tiles, stone or polished concrete are used, since these become your heating system rather than creating drafts and cold spots.

    In-Slab Floor Heating

    Radiant Floor Heating systems can be applied in a range of ways. Their is In – Slab heating where the heating cables are applied in the slab tied to your reinforcement steel, this allows for an economical whole of home heating system.

    In-Screed Floor Heating

    Also there is the In-Screed method where the cables are laid onto you existing slab or subfloor and a sand and mortar screed applied normally at a thickness of 25mm.  This method heats up quickly and can be switched off and on with a short heat up time.

    Under Tile Cable

    Then their is the undertile cable that is a very quick heat up as the cable is embedded in the tile glue while laying the tiles.

    Cable Mat

    Lastly we have the cable mat that again lies in the tile glue, but is spaced on the mesh to save time and is easily laid by cutting the mesh to shape around objects.

    Benefits of Underfloor Heating

    The popularity of Underfloor Heating has risen dramatically  during the last few years, with many of our customers saying that underfloor heating is the best type of heating they have ever experienced and in most cases, no other heating is required. In fact many people go on to recommend under floor heating to friends and family who are building. Today’s systems are fully controllable; they can be independently zoned to individual rooms and they are extremely reliable.

    Queensland Floor Heating offer a free quote and design service. Underfloor heating is an affordable luxury for any new home or renovation. We offer a great range of DIY kits with easy to follow instructions.

    Advantages of underfloor heating

    • Comfortable even temperature throughout the room
    • Invisible & maintenance free​
    • No drafts
    • The perfect way to heat rooms with high ceilings
    • ​Reduced dust (perfect for families with allergies)

    ​​Reverse cycle or ducted heating systems cause large temperature variations causing large amounts of airflow, which, in turn create drafts and dust. Underfloor heating works differently by heating the space not the air, drafts and dust are greatly reduced.